Tinting pastes system conversion

Resource-eaters or together quickly to the goal?

With years of experience, Protec® Systempasten GmbH demonstrates how customized solutions can be used to successfully convert shade concentrates from one paste system to another.

What happens on the efficient way to the goal?

So that it does not become a resource hog, we quickly reach our goal with structured solutions and proven processes within a joint project management.

First of all: Nothing works (well) without a well-founded preliminary work!
The analysis and consultation in the context of the correct configuration is an essential part and important for the purposeful progress.
The detailed work takes place in the laboratories and technical areas of our two companies of the DÖRKEN Group. The level of detailing and service can vary by everyone.

A decision for Protec® is always the decision for a comprehensive package of additional services.
As part of the detailed work we take care that

  • The color space of your products can be extended
  • Incompatibilities are minimized
  • We will read in your favorite color box next to the over 450 other color trays and add it to your recipe master
  • The standard formulations and calibration series are available to you either with DataColor or Largo Innova
  • Tinting cost analysis be carried out

… and much more!

We also gladly pass on the sum of years of experience and well-founded know-how as part of training courses in the field of practical software solutions (for example, the mixing plant software Datacolor, Largo Innova, Fast & Fluid and Corob) and recipe mastering.

Analysis of the range and colour spectrum

Determining levels of compatibility

Tinting machines in the switch

You have made the shade-technical conversion to the Protec shade concentrates and are now ready for the last step: The mixing machine changeover.

Here the balancing act between costs and savings is the most important factor.
On the one hand, you have the cost of the machine conversion and on the other you have the savings and / or additional revenue, for example, through color space extensions or technical improvement, which you achieve with the use of Protec color concentrates.

Protec® has configured a coach to help you along the way.
We have developed a consulting app with the strategies, service partners and cost calculators to visualize these points as well. Call more ????

The project managers for conversion advise you in all matters and are available on request in detail processing. We ourselves are convinced of our strategies and have already convinced many customers.

When we talk about machine conversion, we only talk about new purchases in individual cases. We are talking more about a new use after a cleaning and replacement of spare parts. We offer individual solutions for you and work with a large network of service partners, which you can use on a case-by-case basis or through all your mixing machines.

Frequent fear: Remaining stocks of the predecessor paste system

Another point to which we are addressed in addition to the many other issues is the issue of the remainders of the predecessor paste system.
Here, too, we have strategies and conversion procedures in cooperation with our service partners.

Benefit from our experience and networks to make your transition efficient and economical. Contact us!


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